Joint Braces Can Allow Damaged Tissues to Heal More Quickly

Strong, healthy joints should support themselves quite well, but those that have been damaged can often use some help. Mueller braces and supports can be used to support and protect joints that have been injured or which have been affected by a disease. Wearing the right type of support can alleviate symptoms like pain and stiffness while giving the joint a better chance of healing.

Resilient Biological Structures Whose Complexity Can Work Against Them

All the joints in the human body include a number of different parts, each of which serves a particular purpose. Should any one of those components become damaged, the functioning of the whole will almost always be negatively impacted.

As a result, joint troubles can be some of the most difficult to recover from, with even mild exertion and the attendant stress sometimes making a problem worse. Fortunately, knee braces and supports can be used to keep joints from being subjected to forces that might interfere with the process of recovery. Some of the tissues and structures found in various joints that can be shielded in this way include:

Cartilage. A rugged but yielding material when it is healthy, cartilage within joints helps keep the hard surfaces of bones from causing damage to one another. When cartilage within a joint gets torn or abraded, it can inflame painfully and limit the range of motion of the joint. Wearing a brace that provides support and keeps movement within safe limits will allow the body to focus on repairing damaged cartilage. That can speed up recovery times significantly and also make the process less painful.

Ligaments. The ligaments found in most joints are responsible for keeping the various parts properly aligned and connected. When a ligament sustains damage, an otherwise strong joint can become prone to moving far beyond its usual limits. That can cause additional harm, with the original problem snowballing into something more serious. A brace that fits properly will prevent this common type of trouble from arising, in many cases.

Tendons. Instead of attaching directly to bones and other structures, muscles that control the motion of joints are connected to other parts via tendons. Naturally enough, tendons that become weakened will almost always cause noticeable, significant problems.

The Right Brace Can Make a Definite Difference

Braces that keep joints supported and protected help prevent additional damage from being inflicted on important tissues and structures like these. That often makes recovering from even a serious joint injury quite a bit easier and less uncomfortable.


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